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Cartesian Product is a clean energy knowledge management platform that allows you to visualize data, explore deeper insight, and use your own data to help you answer your most pressing questions and contribute to clean energy development around the globe.

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    Visualize data quickly and easily with our custom map set.

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    Key insights that we've pulled out of the data to answer big questions

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    Download the data and glean your own insights

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    Share your data or your predictions to drive sustainable progress

About Cartesian Product

Here at Cartesian Product we recognize the most powerful forces in the world are cycles. The world evolves and exists through cycles. There are weather cycles, generational cycles, climate cycles,  revenue cycles, industry cycles, time cycles, and evolutionary cycles just to name a few.

We took the linear progression of data science, and by open sourcing the model, turned it into a cycle harnessing an innate human tendency for good to make an impact through data science.

Traditional Data Science Model

Cartesian Product Open Source Cycle

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Phone Number: (970) 324 9224


Cameron: cameronwkruse@gmail.com